Privacy Policy

Onlo Services LLC

February 2019


Onlo Services LLC (hereinafter referred to as "we", "us", "our", "Onlo") is the company who is responsible for creating, implementing and enforcing this Privacy Policy ("Policy"). This Policy is created to inform you ("user", "consumer", "client") of data that is collected, used, and stored, and how it is used, stored, manipulated, or transferred. This Policy is binding to any persons who sells or operates their store on the Platform ("Merchant"). By using Onlo products or services ("Platform"), you agree to this Policy.


1.       Introduction

1.1 Acceptance and Applicability

You accept this Policy as written and the Terms of Use by using the Platform or any other resource that is owned or used by Onlo. By creating an account, you exhibit your willingness to comply with this Policy.

1.2 Declination of this Policy

Your objection to or declination of this Policy may be done by not using Onlo products, services or website. You accept this Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use upon using or visiting the Platform or other resources which are considered the intellectual property of Onlo.


2.       Privacy Policy Changes

2.1.   All changes and notification of such changes to this Policy shall be executed in compliance with the respective Sections of the Terms of Use.


3.       Information We Collect

3.1.   The Information You Give to Us

Information that which you submit through a form or input on any Onlo website, service, product or other resource which is owned by Onlo may be subject to data collection and stored in Onlo databases.

3.2.   Location Usage

Onlo uses your location to tailor the Platform to you. This usage and data collection may also include your IP address (Internet Protocol Address), your internet service provider and your browser information. Location usage in the app is not done without your consent prior to such location usage.

3.3. Information Necessary to Onlo

Any information such as email, name, payment information or other form data which was or has been submitted by you and was necessary to use the Platform is subject to collection but is not released under any circumstances to any third-party firms, services, products or other entities which do not belong to or are not a part of Onlo LLC.


Data from location detection services and any client computer information collected is necessary to the functions of the Platform. You accept this data collection upon accepting this Policy.

3.4 Information Not Necessary for Onlo

Information deemed as not necessary to the Platform may or may not be collected for purposes which allow Onlo products and services to function properly and better.


4.       Information We Share

4.1.   Onlo does not share any personal information with any third-party company, organization or other entity which is not a part of or is owned by Onlo.

4.2.   Onlo will not share any information like your email, name, phone number, store information or any other account content related to your use of the Platform without your permission prior to the use of such content.

4.3.   Information Publicly Available

As a Merchant on the Platform, the phone number and website link that you submit as information for and about your store is made available to the public.

4.4.   Aggregated Statistics

4.4.1.Onlo reserves the right to use your account data, actions and history to form statistics that describe Onlo products and services general usage. Such statistics include average order per customer, average order value, etc.

4.4.2.Statistics created from information collected by Onlo from users will not include any personally identifying information such as name, email, phone number or specific location. Only general location, such as city, state, and zip code are the only personally identifying information that Onlo reserves the right to use in statistics aggregation and release.

5.       Security

5.1.   Law and Applicability

Where applicable by law or any jurisdiction, Onlo is responsible for data protections compliance. Such compliance is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any other regulations which effect the handling of your data.

5.2.   Data Forfeiture to Law Enforcement

Where applicable by law, Onlo will not forfeit any user data without a valid warrant issued by a court of law and delivered by any law enforcement agency or officer.

5.3.   Data Storage

Onlo uses cookies to improve your experience on Onlo products and services. This requires Onlo to store data on your computer through browser capabilities. Your use of Onlo products and services exhibits your acceptance of this cookie and other data storage on your computer and or in your browser.


6.       Third Party Compliance

6.1.   Square

Onlo requires that you review Square Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to ensure that you do not violate Square policies.

6.2.   Stripe

Onlo uses Stripe service to process payments for store plans. We advise that you also review Stripe Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well.


7.       Claims and Liability

7.1.   If you feel as if your privacy rights have been infringed upon or that this Policy has been violated, then you reserve the right to email any complaint or report to to begin an inquiry.

7.2.   Onlo is not held responsible, where applicable by any law or jurisdiction, for the loss of any capital, both human and monetary, the loss of resources or data, or the failure of your order to be completed upon placement.

7.3.   Disputes

If you believe that you need to dispute a privacy policy infringement or any other infringement or violation of this Policy, you agree to follow the Terms of Use, that you will resolve all disputes with arbitration.